Telecommunications with renewable energies

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•  Ejulve (Teruel)
•  Enair70 to 48V
•  27 panels of 230W
•  Regulators Xantrex MPPT 60Amp
•  Xantrex 6000W Inverter
•  OPZS batteries at 3000Ah
•  14m tower
•  Average wind speed 8.6m/s

Aragón - Spain

The growing market of mobile phones and the increase of bandwidth responsible for transferring data causes the need to install more and more telecommunications antennas. These antennas are usually located in remote places where the electrical energy of the network does not reach and its energy demand is constant 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year. For this type of installation high performance professional equipment is required which can supply all the energetic demand available without fault.

This facility located in Ejulve is a telecommunications centre for the Government of Aragon, which leases it to Vodafone, Orange and Movistar amongst others, so that responsibility for the optimal operation of the installation is fundamental. After two years of perfect operating and having sustained large gusts of wind, the certificate and homologation of Aragón Telecom has been obtained thanks to our equipment which is the best for this type of installation.

Currently 6Kwp of photovoltaic energy and an Enair70 at 48V, are responsible for offering more than 50Kwh/day on average which this station, located in an area with a large solar and wind resource, demands. This installation is completely monitored in all its parameters, able to take complete control of each one of its elements, thanks to the development from the SAITIM group.

Furthermore the design of it was done in such a way that it is portable, all the components are installed in a prepared container to transport which enables them to be installed and moved quickly and easily.

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