Renewable solar and mini wind turbine energies at ADIF

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•  Campanillas (Málaga)
•  3 Enair70 220V
•  3 WB SMA 5000W wind power inverters
•  36 230W solar panels
•  3 SB 3000HF Solar Inverters
•  3 White tubular towers of 12m
•  5 Days of Autonomy
•  Generator set support
•  Average wind speed 5m/s

Málaga - Spain

ADIF, within its corporate plan focused on the efficiency and energy development of its facilities, requested a thorough study of energy and its efficiency through Andel, SA. This study showed the need to combine the mini wind turbine and photovoltaic energies to optimise the cycles for energy generation in 24 hour periods. The combination of these two technologies is distributed so that a constant generation cycle is maintained both day and night, with solar energy being the main diurnal generator and the mini wind turbine the main source of night generation.

The main characteristics of this installation is that both generator sources are connected to the three-phase grid so that each phase carries a solar inverter and a wind turbine. The distribution of the power between the photovoltaic and the wind turbine for each of the phases, reinforces and balances the internal network for direct self-consumption, without the need for batteries since all generation is absorbed by the internal network. In addition, as an R&D project the mixed renewable system will be responsible for a self-sufficient charging point for an Electric Car.

The whole renewable energy installation is monitoring, remote control and daily publications on the Internet of all its data and parameters, which allow the obtainment of clear and transparent information on the production and efficiency of it at all times, thanks to SMA technology.

The photovoltaic plant of 15Kw together with the 15Kw maximum power of the mini wind turbine, ensures that the total of the installation produces more than 150Kwh/day, distributed between the solar and the mini wind turbine energy.

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