Agricultural Irrigation station

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•  Levante Zone
•  6 Sunny Island 5048
•  3 Sunny Boy 3000HF
•  1 Windy Boy 5000TL
•  1 Multicluester Box
•  Wind Turbine Enair3.5 220V
•  25 Solar Panels of 200W
•  Batteries of 48V a 2300Ah x 2
•  2 Days of autonomy
•  Average wind speed 5.2m/s

Levante Zone - Spain

Three phase installation 100% renewable, capable of offering more than 60Kwh day. This type of installation developed with SMA technology is designed to be able to supply great powers and consumptions, with performance regimes that are around 98%.

This type of installation is especially suitable for farms, irrigation systems, stables, dryers, hotels or any kind of small industry or commercial activity which is separated from the network and working via a generator.

By implementing systems with these characteristics, we can cover consumptions of more than 200Kwh/day, with peak powers, that can be over 90Kw.

This installation feeds a 20Kva pump responsible for supplying water to an irrigation system for 50 Hectares of orange trees, in the "Castellón de Plana" area. The large number of batteries installed allows us to store about 220Kwh and give us a total coverage of about 3 days at maximum performance and 6 days of normal operation.

The remote location of this installation is a clear example of the importance and usefulness of the remote control, since we can control the energy flows and monitor the entire installation without having to move the technical team.

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