Sustainable greenhouse with renewable energies

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•  South Zone
•  3 Enair70 - 220V
•  3 Single Phase Inverters GCI 5kKw
•  40Kw photovoltaic
•  KACO Inverter 40Kw

South Zone - Spain

Primaflor group, is an important company which develops its activity within the field of the cultivation of different varieties of lettuce, amongst other vegetables. In one of its main plants located in Almeria, which is fully automated and following current legislation, it has installed a plant which generates renewable energy, known to be a benchmark and a model to follow.

The installation consists of 15Kw in wind power and 40Kw in photovoltaic connected to a three-phase network, in self consumption. This type of connection allows savings directly onto the electricity bill which the company is paying and has been legalised through distributor of Energy Endesa.

For the legalization of this installation was required special permission from the environment because it had as a novelty the hybridization of the system by means of the wind turbines and solar panels. This permission granted by the Andalucian board established that Wind Turbines had no conditions of any landscape or environmental impact, so benefiting perfectly the legality.

Furthermore, the installation has an customised monitoring system so that both solar and mini-wind turbine production are visible and managed by a specific software which allows one to visualise at a glance the solar and wind production even in mobile terminals.

To carry out this installation the Andalucian board required that, above all, the wind turbines complied with the most demanding certifications in terms of reliability, generation and above all noise, as an indispensable requirement is that they be silent.

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