Smart Grid in Equestrian

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•  Madrid
•  2 Enair70 PRO 220V, 5Kw (peak)
•  21Kwp with 2 Inverters Tripower
     of 10Kw
•  3 Sunny Island 8.0
•  Batteries’ bank 2500Ah C10
•  Generator sets de 37.5Kva

Madrid - Spain

Installation with Smart Grid technology, consisting of 3 Sunny Island of SMA with contribution to the alternating bus, 2 solar inverters of SMA a solar plant of 20 Kw and other 2 wind inverters of Enair with wind turbines E70PRO, all in combination with a group of 40Kva to cover needs.

This installation can have a power in combination of its sources of energy of about 60Kw and will provide an average of about 100Kwh/day. Enough to supply power to the 6 blocks that will house more than 80 horses, to the restaurant of the enclosure, to the habitual residence of the maintenance guard and to the electric supply of lighting of irrigation of the tracks.

Equestrian will be 100% supplied with renewable energy and will also be totally independent from the electricity grid. In this particular case it was much more cost-effective to install with renewable energy than to bring the company's electricity grid to the site.

This installation fueled mainly by the sun and wind, has the characteristic that the combination of renewable energy sources, it allows it to obtain generation at night thanks to the wind turbines and this way it optimizes the batteries much more and it achieves greater efficiency, since the equipment installed are all of high quality, hovering the same a useful life of more than 25 years.

In addition to the above, the design of the equine is also thought to be able to carry out professional competitions at the state level, which would require an occasional contribution of power and energy for which the equipment is also designed.

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